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The Boy on the Bus
Usually when you feel warm breath on the back of your neck you get freaked out when you're in a public place. Usually you are very self-conscious to the deep breathing behind you. Usually the arms on either side of your head, against the size of the bus making sure they don't bump into you, makes you feel small.
Problem is, I never follow the 'usually' rule. The breath on the back of m neck sent shivers down my back. The deep breathing made my own breathe shallow. The arms, they didn't make me feel small at all, they made me feel safe, warm, and they made me want to feel more. So, I didn't resist.
On the next turn of the bus, I let my body fall back; I didn't regret it at all. The warm, large body behind me was muscular, hard, warm, sturdy, and as if in reflex one of the arms that he'd been in front of me wrapped around me to keep me balanced.
"Are you alright?" The deep rumbling voice whispered in my ear and caused even more shivers to run down my spine.
"I-I'm fine, thank you," I stu
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The Girl on the Bus 3
I've been having a weird feeling on the back of my neck for the past couple weeks on random days.
It feels like someone's watching me, but with this packed bus, I never know if they are or aren't, so I just shrug it off.
At least until just the other day. As I was getting off the bus I felt a hand go into my back pocket. I searched around me and seeing nothing I just continued on my way.
"Excuse me," A voice called out to me from behind.
I turned to face the owner of the voice and seemed to lose my own.
I think it was her lips that caught my eye the most, they were the color of a fire on a summer night. The color helped show off the fullness and softness of her lips. A smile came to them and I realized I had been staring, I raised my eyes and gave my own sheepish smile and met a pair of startling blue eyes.
"You dropped this," The girl said, holding out the cartoon-character wallet that was bright red, the same red as her lips, and now that I see it, her fingernails.
I blinked down at
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Girl on the Bus 2
The black-painted finger nails were long and slim. Much like they were attached to. Her fingers were long, slim, and four of them had rings on them. On the left hand, the rings were silver; the one on the ring was a simple band with an empty circle. The ring on the middle finger of the left hand was another simple band, but there was a part that twisted and rose up to the middle of the first section of the finger. On the right hand, both rings on the ring and middle fingers had simple bands with turquoise stones imbedded in them.
The palms of the hands were long, slim, and pale. Attached to the palm was the wrist. The wrists had several bangles and bracelets, both large and small. The majority of these bracelets were on the right wrist. The left wrist had only one bracelet, a small, plastic bracelet.
Attached to the wrists were thin arms. They looked gentle, long, but strong. The muscle along the arms weren't flabby or bulky. The muscles were defined, but just barely to the passing gaz
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The Girl On The Bus
As she stepped on the bus I couldn't help but stare. She was breathtaking, and unique in this drab city. She was tall, well, not that tall, about 5'6"-5'7", not much, but still noticeable compared to my own 5'3". Her build was slender, not lanky per se, but thin, and not dangerously so. Her hair was about chin length, and red, very red. It was wavy, and when she walked it looked as if it was braiding itself in her wake. Her face was somewhat angular, but had a softness to it. Her cheeks had a dusting of freckles, and her nose was small, but still strong, and slightly masculine from the side. Her lips were a pink-tinted red and slightly chapped. Her eyes were a light blue, nearly an arctic color, but faded and with flecks of green here and there. They seemed to stare into my soul as our eyes met. In my eyes, she was beautiful, even if others didn't see her as such, she was to me, but sadly enough, she will probably never notice me. If she did notice me, she probably wouldn't be interest
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The Tears of Innocence Lost
The desperation I felt
Was nothing compared to the anger.
You had treated me as a child,
You had kept me as an innocent present.
Well, now you know.
I felt so guilty with what I said to you.
I felt like dying when I saw that look in your eye
I wanted nothing else but to gather you in my arms.
I ran.
I ran as far as my lungs would take me
As far as my legs could handle
I ran as far from you as my now broken heart could handle.
You weren't the cause of my pain
You aren't the cause of my breakdown
I'm the cause of everything wrong
I'm the reason why you can't do anything but scream and cry
I'm the reason why everyone's dead
I'm the reason why you can't get any sleep at night,
Not without me there.
I've defied you in every sense.
I lied,
I cheated,
I took,
I stole,
I killed,
And I even liked it.
Now your innocence is gone.
I'm gone
And there's nothing that either of us can do to bring me back.
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Green Heavens by AncientDancer Green Heavens :iconancientdancer:AncientDancer 0 0
For You
Will one sing for you?
One with the voice of an angel?
Will one cry for you?
One with tears of a crocodile?
Will one stay with you?
One when the world ends?
Will one live for you?
One with a heart of pure intentions?
Will one die for you?
One with a soul of honest bravery?
I will,
For forever and a day.
Question is,
Will you do so for anyone but yourself?
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Silver Clouds
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What can I say, I got hungry...

Current Residence: US
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I've reciently realized that I take alot of photos of sunsets...

I was going through my camera memory card, clearing it off before i went up to my cabbin... and I found out that a good portion of them are pictures of sunsets...

I'm starting to think i need a bit more of a life than with sunsets...

So, to 'branch out', or somethign like that, I am going to make a photo-based calender...

It's going to mostly be scenery pictures, cause I don't think people wanna see a picture of me making weird faces, sitting around wherever they have their calender... If it is bought that is...

Do you think i should go through with it?
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  • Eating: Dried Pinneapple
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